Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) & where to go for vaccinations

Maintaining the safety of everyone in the district is our top priority and we're working with our partner organisations to closely monitor developments.

Information about how we're responding and the latest guidance

Coronavirus Update

Testing Sites


To ensure that PCR testing across our borough is as accessible as possible to all residents we have sites located across the borough.  

Please use a test site rather than a postal test whenever possible, especially if you have no symptoms.  This means you will get your test results much quicker - usually with 24-48 hours but often quicker than that.  

This can be especially useful if test results are needed for school children as it helps to minimise disruption to schools.  

The test sites are walk-in so no appointment is necessary. If you prefer you can make an appointment here    

You will need to select the option that the local authority has asked you to test even though you have no symptoms.  


Testing sites can be found at:  

Marl Pits, Newchurch Road BB4 7SN -every day except Sundays 12.30pm-5.30pm  until 31st July

Whitworth Civic Centre – Market Street OL12 8DP – 8th & 10th July 12.30pm - 5.30pm

Then from 12th July every day except Saturdays and Sundays 12.30pm - 5.30pm until 30th July


*Please also regularly check our social media channels for location and times of PCR community testing sites across the borough.  


Why are we asking everyone to take a PCR test?  

A PCR test is a swab test that goes to a laboratory for testing.  A PCR test is the only way to accurately identify coronavirus and new variants.  

Take a PCR test:  

·         Even if you are vaccinated as you could potentially still spread to people without knowing, especially those who have yet to be vaccinated or fully vaccinated  

·         Even if you recently did a rapid test  

·         Even if you have no symptoms  

·         If you have COVID 19 symptoms  

Anyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus should stay at home and book a free test online  or by phone (call 119) so they can be tested at a testing site or have a testing kit sent to their home.