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Cemetery Fees and Charges wef 1st April 2019.


Purchase a right of burial in numbered grave space

Grave Space including numberstone (resident of the Borough)                                                                 £1026.00           
Grave Space including numberstone (non resident of the Borough) £1219.40                      
Transfer of Grant £60.40

Right to fix a headstone or monument

Headstone                                                                £186.70       
Inscriptions £50.20
Vase and Plinth/Tablet £86.00


Earth Grave including dressing (resident of the Borough) Age 14 and over    £827.40                 
Earth Grave including dressing (non resident of the Borough) Age 14 and over £1013.50
Vault – Construction* £1013.50
Vault – Interments (age 14 and over) £840.70
Vault – Interments  (age 14 and over non resident of the Borough) £919.10
Interment of Ashes £194.60
Interment of Ashes (non resident of the Borough) £209.10
Scattering of Ashes £38.30
Bricking of grave to coffin height (addtional fee) £169.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Copy of Regulations and Charges £6.60
Search Fee £33.90
Duplicate Grave Deed £57.30

Additional Charges Whitworth/Haslingden/Rawtenstall

Use of Chapel                                         £140.30

 Garden of Rememberence (Whitworth)

Reserving Space £29.60
Interment of Ashes £44.60
Headstone in above                                £52.70
Supply of Engraved Plaque                   £136.20

Ashes Chambers at Rawtenstall, Bacup and Haslingden

Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial in Chamber £639.20    
Interment of Ashes in Chamber £224.30

Memorial Tree

Memorial Tree                                                       £335.90    

Memorial Bench

Bench                                                                  £988.20



* This charge is subject to VAT