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Culture in Rossendale

What do we mean by culture?

Culture is all that contributes to a person's quality of life.  It is what makes people who they are and brings people together whilst at the same time valuing individuality and the choices people make about how they choose to enjoy their free time. Cultural activities include the arts, sports, libraries, museums, heritage, architecture, crafts, children's play, reading, countryside and park recreation.

Our Culture

Rossendale has a rich and vibrant cultural legacy reflected in the mills and built heritage of the great industrial era and our beautiful moorland countryside, which we should cherish and maintain with pride.

Cultural activities are much more than just something nice to do, they bring 'colour' and vibrancy to people's lives, they contribute to helping people feel like they belong and are central to our social and physical well-being. Our task is to unlock the already rich cultural activity and heritage which Rossendale offers its communities, build the facilities which will help our sports and arts communities flourish, inspire our community to explore our fascinating landscapes and ensure the economic benefits of our cultural legacy help to make the Rossendale Valley an exceptional place to live.

Rossendale Borough Council is working with the Cultural theme group of the Local Strategic Partnership to deliver a set of targets to ensure Rossendale is widely accepted as a major place to visit and have fun.