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Brownfield Land Register


The Government requires all Local Authorities in England to produce a Brownfield Land Register for their area and to update it every year. 

Rossendale’s Brownfield Land Register 


What is the Brownfield Land Register?

This is a list of previously developed sites in Rossendale that are suitable for housing. Its purpose is to provide nationally consistent, up-to-date, publicly available information on brownfield land for developers and communities in order to encourage investment in local areas.


How is the Brownfield Land Register prepared?

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 sets out the process for identifying sites and the criteria for assessing sites, having regard to the adopted Core Strategy and national policy and advice.

The assessment criteria note the land:

  • has an area of 0.25 ha or can support at least 5 dwellings;
  • is suitable for residential development (i.e. is allocated, has planning consent or permission in principle, or is suitable in the Local Planning Authority’s opinion);
  • is available for residential development (i.e. the developer has expressed an intention, and there are no ownership or legal impediments); and
  • residential development is achievable (i.e. likely to come forward within 15 years).

The main starting point for Rossendale’s list of sites has been the Local Plan Reg 18 consultation, undertaken summer 2017, supplemented by planning consents, the Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and local knowledge.


Brownfield Land Registers are presented in two parts.

Part 1 provides a comprehensive list of all sites in Rossendale that are suitable for housing and meet the criteria set out in the Regulations.

Part 2 lists those sites included in Part 1 of the Register where the Council has granted ‘permission in principle’.  As none of these consents have been granted in Rossendale, a Part 2 of the Brownfield Land Register has not been prepared.

The Rossendale Brownfield Land Register can be downloaded here:

View Rossendale Brownfield Land Register

The data is provided under the Open Government Licence.


Other Brownfield Sites

It should be noted that the Brownfield Land Register is not an exhaustive list of brownfield sites within Rossendale as sites can only be included that meet the criteria set out in the Regulations. As a result some small brownfield sites (smaller than 0.25 ha) that form part of a larger greenfield site have not been included.  Any sites that current planning policy would not permit (such as those in the Green Belt) have also been omitted. 

However, if there is a brownfield site that you are aware of and think should be included please email [email protected] attaching a plan that would help us to identify the site or building, so that we can consider it in next year’s update. 


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