Cost of living crisis in Rossendale

Benefits and Debt Advice

Make sure you are claiming all of the benefits you are entitled to, and get help with debt issues, contact Citizen’s Advice on 0808 2787 975

More information on other sources of support can be found in the ‘Worrying about money- Support is available in Rossendale’ leaflet.


Struggling to pay your fuel bills

If you are struggling to pay your fuel bills, always contact your supplier to make them aware of your situation.

There are a range of options suppliers could offer if you're struggling, including:

•           A full payment plan review

•           Affordable debt repayment plans

•           Payment breaks (though this won't be right for everyone)

•           Payment reductions

•           More time to pay

•           Access to hardship funds which only your supplier can access


Emergency help with food and fuel

Citizen’s Advice East Lancashire can help anyone living in the Rossendale who needs emergency support with their fuel supply, a referral for a food parcel or information regarding emergency food provision. Contact them on 0808 278 7975 or email them at Citizens Advice East Lancashire (

Citizens Advice is able to access Fuel Vouchers for clients using pre-payment meters and is also able to access support for off-grid clients if the household:

• relies on coal, wood, heating oil or LPG as the primary source of heat

• is off the gas grid and doesn’t use electricity as the primary source of heating and is either: living without heat because they are unable to afford to purchase fuel to top up their bunker, store, tank or bottles or imminently in risk of living without heat because they are unable to afford to purchase bulk fuel.


Struggling to keep your home warm?

Funding may be available for Rossendale residents through the Affordable Warmth Fund for:

Servicing, repairs and replacement boilers and heating systems and associated works, including controls and replacement of unsafe heating appliances


Households will be eligible for funding if they meet at least one of the following vulnerabilities and have a low income, defined as follows.


•           People with a diagnosed cardiovascular conditions

•           People with a diagnosed respiratory conditions (in particular, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and childhood asthma)

•           People with diagnosed mental health conditions

•           People with diagnosed disabilities

•           Older people (65 and older)

•           Households with young children (up to the age of 5)

•           Pregnant women

•           People who are terminally ill

•           People with suppressed immune systems (e.g. from cancer treatment or HIV)

•           People who have attended hospital due to a fall


Low income can be confirmed in one of the following three ways:

•           Someone being in receipt of means tested benefits

•           Have a total household income not in excess of £31,000

•           A 'declaration' by the Local Authority or health / social care professional that affordability issues are present.


This fund is being managed on behalf of Rossendale Borough Council by the Homewise Society.

For more information and support contact the Homewise Society at


Lancashire County Council Cost of Living Information Hub

More information about help with cost of living crisis can be found at: