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If you have suffered personal injury or damage to your property as a result of actions by the Council you may consider making a claim. For the claim to be successful you will need to prove that the Council has been negligent and has not done everything that is reasonable to protect you or your property. There is no automatic entitlement to compensation when something happens - the alleged incident may not have been the fault of the Council.

When making a claim please include the following information:

  1. Full name, address and telephone number
  2. Age and date of birth
  3. Occupation
  4. National insurance number
  5. Exact time and date of the incident/accident
  6. The precise location of the incident, indicating landmarks where possible (shops, houses, churches, street signs etc) - please include a sketch or photographs
  7. Written details of how the incident/accident happened together with a photograph, if possible, of any hazard or obstruction which you believe to have been the cause of the incident
  8. Details of injuries and/or property damage
  9. The names and addresses of any witnesses
  10. Confirmation that the information given in your letter of claim is correct

Rossendale Borough Council's responsibilities

Rossendale Borough Council has responsibility for its own property portfolio including, but not restricted to:

  • certain car parks,
  • parks, open spaces and pathways (but not highway pavements).

    If the incident giving rise to your claim occurred in any of these areas, full claim details should be sent to:

    Chief Finance Officer Karen Spencer

    Rossendale Borough Council

    Room 201

    Futures Park


    OL13 0BB


    N.B. - Claims arising out of incidents occurring on the public highway (including roads and pavements) should be submitted to Lancashire County Council at the following address:

    Lancashire County Council 
    Litigation and Employment Section
    County Secretary and Solicitors Group
    PO Box 78
    County Hall
    PR1 8XJ

    Rossendale Borough Council is unable to forward claims presented to it in error on to other organisations, please therefore ensure that you establish which body is responsible for the area in question (having regard to the above) before presenting your claim.

    Insurance claims portal

    Solicitors lodging a claim (for non-highway related matters only) against Rossendale Borough Council should, to avoid unnecessary paperwork and costs, complete and submit the CNF electronically on the Insurance Claims Portal to our Liability Insurers.

    For the purpose of Portal related matters only, our Liability Insurance details are as follows:

  • Insurer - Zurich Municipal
  • Policy Number - QLA 07H0746- 0143
  • Portal Reference - C00108