How to sell to the Council

Purchasing is one of the activities covered by the term procurement. Purchasing includes all our activities which lead to us receiving something in exchange for value.

A tendering procedure is most often used whenever the estimated value of the supply of goods, services or works make it appropriate. The value is the calculated financial cost of the contract over its duration. These values are known as threshold values and are as follows:

Purchases up to £10,000

Council Officers decide the most efficient way to purchase up to £5,000. Think about your product and/or service and which Council Service it may be appropriate to. You may then wish to consider contacting that Council Service directly to make them aware of the product or service that your company offers. Complete the preferred supplier form to register with the Council

Invitation to Quote - £10,000 - £60,000

For estimated contract values over £5,000 we are likely to use an existing Council or national contract where possible. If no suitable contract exists, we can seek a minimum of three quotes. Normally we use the Contracts Finder to get competitive quotes.

To access such opportunities your company will need to be registered on Contracts Finder. The appropriate Council Service will need to be aware of your company so that they can ask you to quote.

Full Tendering Procedures - > £60,000 (> £500,000 Construction works only)

Full tender exercises are completed using the Contracts Finder website.