We are committed to engaging in effective community consultation, listening to the views and opinions of our residents and making sure we use these to help shape our policies, plans and decisions.


Consultation on Youth Vaping: Open Consultation 

The government has today launched a consultation seeking views on plans to reduce the appeal of youth vaping, affordability and availability of vapes to children. 

The consultation is open to anyone, of any age, in the UK and includes proposals to restrict child-friendly flavours and brightly coloured packaging. 

Views on these proposals are now being sought from everyone, including the public, the retail sector, clinicians and medical professionals, public health stakeholders, academic experts, employers and trade unions. 

The consultation closes on 6 December 2023.

Youth Vaping Consultation 


Supporting our Veterans: Open Consultation 

The Government is calling on UK veterans and organisations to share their views and experiences in a consultation to help shape the future of veteran policies.

This consultation closes at 

Supporting our Veterans 


Elective Home Education Review: Open Consultation 

This consultation seeks views on revised versions of the non-statutory elective home education (EHE) guidance for local authorities and parents.

The EHE guidance was last updated in 2019 and is due for review. Both sets of guidance are a vital resource for parents and local authorities to help them understand their roles and legal responsibilities around EHE. 

This consultation closes 18 January 2024.

Elective Home Education Review 


Public and Personal Safety PoliceTraining: Open Consultation 

The College of Policing is seeking views from the public and across policing on new guidance that will accompany it’s recently launched public and personal safety training. The new public and personal safety training is already improving consistency across forces. Early evaluations show it is equipping officers better than ever before to deal with the challenges they face.

This consultation closes 11:59am on 18 January 2024.

College of Policing - Public and Personal Safety Training 


Climate Change Agreements: consultation on a new scheme 

This consultation seeks views on proposals for a new 6-year Climate Change Agreements scheme to begin in 2025. The new scheme would add 3 new target periods running from 2025 to 2030, resulting in 3 certification periods running to 31 March 2033. It will provide further reductions in the Climate Change Levy for eligible participants. The scheme would be open to new entrants who qualify under the current eligibility criteria.

The consultation outlines:

  • aspects of the current scheme that will be retained for the new scheme, as well as some policy decisions following on from proposals in our last consultation
  • further proposals for a future scheme, including the possibility for new sectors to apply to be eligible for the scheme, target setting, reporting and how performance will be measured

This consultation seeks the views from; sector associations and business which participate in the scheme, operators of facilities not currently in the scheme that may be eligible, trade associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consultants, energy suppliers, academia and any others with an interest in the scheme. 

This consultation closes 11:59am on 14 February 2024.

Climate Change Agreements: consultation on a new scheme


Murder Sentencing Consultation: Open Consultation 

This consultation seeks the views on the sentencing starting point for murders preceded by controlling or coercive behaviour against the murder victim and all murders committed with a knife or other weapon.

This consultation closes 11:59am on 4 March 2024.

Murder Sentencing Consultation: Open Consultation 


Rossendale Panel

Please see below for details on how to join Rossendale’s Panel.

We consult directly with the public on a variety of topics and in a range of different ways. One way of having your say regularly on a whole range of different issues is by joining Rossendale’s Panel. The Panel is an active email database of people within the community we can contact to consult with, via surveys, on key issues throughout the year. The Panel provides members of the community with the opportunity to voice their views on issues locally.

To join the panel please complete the Registration Form


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