Council Tax Charges and Bands 2024-2025

Council Tax contributes towards the cost of local services; it is made up of precepts or charges set by the various services providers. They are Rossendale Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Fire Authority, Lancashire Police Authority and Whitworth Parish Council (Whitworth area only). The Rossendale Borough Council precept makes up about 14% of the total charge.        

All Domestic property is placed in a Council Tax band by the Valuation Office Agency. The bands are based on 1991 property values. There are 8 council Tax bands A-H and the higher the Council Tax band, the higher the Council Tax, Band ‘h’ charges are three times higher than band ‘A’ charges.    

You can find and check Council Tax bands at Check my Council Tax band

Occupied Property

If there are two or more adults living at an address you will pay a full charge. If there are less occupiers then the Council Tax can be reduced please read reduce your bill information.

Unoccupied Property

There are reductions in Council Tax payable for property which has been unoccupied for less than 6 months. If a property is unoccupied for more than 2 years extra Council Tax premiums will be added. More information can be found on our reduce your bill pages. 


Band A     £1539.91

Band B     £1796.56

Band C     £2053.21

Band D     £2309.86

Band E     £2823.16

Band F     £3336.47

Band G     £3849.77

Band H     £4619.72


Band A     £1560.56

Band B     £1820.65

Band C     £2080.74

Band D     £2340.83

Band E     £2861.01

Band F     £3381.20

Band G     £3901.39

Band H     £4681.66

To make sure the right person is charged Council Tax at the right rate, you must tell us about any changes for instance if someone new has moved in, or out, then please let us know. It means we can see if you are entitled to money off your Council Tax.

Council Tax Leaflet 2024/2025