Enforcement agents

If all other attempts to reach a payment arrangement fail then the debt will be passed to our enforcement agents to collect.

Enforcement agents can take goods from your home to clear the arrears and will charge extra costs for their services

  • Compliance stage - £75.00

This fee covers activity from the receipt of the case. It includes the issue of a notice of enforcement, dealing with any contact from the person(s) who owe the debt and any processing of correspondence or payments

  •  Enforcement - £235 (Additional fee of 7.5% of any amount over £1500)

First attendance by the enforcement agent to the person’s premises or doorstep. The fee includes all the work carried out at this stage so there are no additional visit charges

  • Removal / disposal of goods - £110 (Additional fee of 7.5% of any amount over £1500)

This covers activity from the first attendance at the property to remove the goods to a place of sale.

Council Tax Recovery