The Council Tax energy rebate scheme closed on 30th November and no more payments will be made under this scheme.

Payments have been made to all qualifying customers and the additional discretionary funding has also been issued.

When was the money paid out?

Main Scheme:

Band A-D direct debit payers - payments were made from 3rd May to 8th June. Please check your bank account.

Band A-D non Direct Debit payers - letters were issued 15th – 30th June to non-direct debit payers. The letters could be cashed at the post office up to 30th July

Band A-D customers not paid by the first two methods - council tax account were credited with the £150 on 22nd September.

Late registrations – a small number of cases arose where it occupancy at 1st April wasnot demonstrated until after the end of September.  Council tax accounts were credited with the £150 on 30th November.

Discretionary Scheme:

Customers in Bands E-H in receipt of Council Tax Support received £150.00. This was paid either through BACS or directly added to council tax accounts in September. 

Customers in Bands A-D in receipt of Council Tax Support were paid a top-up, in addition to the £150 already received, of £24.00. It was credited council tax accounts on 16th September.

Remaining funds were distributed to customers with severe mental impairment or carers disregards on 30th November.


I have not received a Council Tax Energy Rebate?

The scheme is now closed and no more claims will be paid. All qualifying customers who we were aware of as at 30th November have been paid.

If it was not possible to directly credit your bank account and you did not cash a post office letter, the money will have been credited to your council tax account. 

If your energy payment has been paid directly into your council tax account it is still possible to claim the money as a refund. The form can be found at Apply for a refund | Rossendale Borough Council .

What was the Council Tax Energy Rebate?

The Government announced a package of support to help households with rising energy bills. Payments of £150 were made where the property where is in council tax bands A-D and was occupied as a main residence on 1st April 2022.

Please note that this is a basic summary of the scheme and in all cases Rossendale Council has applied the rebate as set out in the detailed Government guidance.

What if I did not qualify?

There was also a discretionary payment scheme for customer on low income who did not qualify for the main scheme. The discretionary policy can be found at can be found at Agendas, reports and minutes | Rossendale Borough Council .

Payments were made to customers with low income and discounts related to certain customers with additional needs.

Who should I contact about the energy rebate?

Please read all the information on this page before contacting us. Please note that the main scheme has now closed and no more payments will be made.

All qualifying customers were paid before closing date of the scheme, 30th November. If you are the liable person for council tax, but have not yet told us, you should do so immediately.      

If you have any general enquiries regarding the scheme please contact