Overview and scrutiny

What is overview and scrutiny?

Overview and scrutiny helps to improve the way the council works and to make sure its decisions and policies are right.

The four main principles of scrutiny are to:-

  • Give power to local people to work with local representatives to challenge the council and other agencies to deal with concerns
  • Make sure that the views of local people are heard by the local authority
  • Enable councillors as community champions to raise issues for scrutiny
  • Reinforce scrutiny to change and improve things so that local communities can see clear results

Rossendale has:-

The overview and scrutiny committee

This is a committee of ten councillors and one co-opted member.  It looks at policies, performance, key decisions and external partners.

Task and finish groups

A task and finish group looks at an issue inside or outside the council.  The group carries out research, writes a report and sends it to a committee. 

Work programme

The Annual Work Programme is produced every June and can be changed over the year.

Annual report

This is produced every year and sent to full council.  It gives a public update on the work that overview and scrutiny has carried out that year.

Have your say

If you have ideas for the overview and scrutiny committee, please let us know.  This could be something which the council is responsible for, or a wider issue which is affecting your area.

Email your ideas to democracy@rossendalebc.gov.uk or post them to:

Committee and Member Services

Rossendale Borough Council

Futures Park


OL13 0BB

We can’t look at complaints or planning issues.  If you have a problem that you need a councillor to look at, contact them using their details on the your councillors page.

Committee and Member Services