Report an abandoned vehicle

First you should find out if the vehicle is taxed or not by contacting the DVLA. Not all untaxed vehicles are abandoned, and if a vehicle is taxed it’s not generally considered to be abandoned.

Check a vehicle’s tax status

If the vehicle is untaxed and parked on a public road, you can report it to the DVLA.

Report an untaxed vehicle

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned

We can remove abandoned vehicles from public land and all roads. A vehicle can be classed as abandoned if it:

  • is untaxed and not in use
  • has no registered keeper
  • is parked in the same place for a long period of time
  • is significantly damaged or un-roadworthy - (flat tyres, wheels removed or broken windows)
  • is burned out
  • has missing number plates.

Please note, the above are generally common to abandoned vehicles although not all of the reasons may apply.

Report an abandoned vehicle

What we do next

When you report an abandoned vehicle we will investigate and inspect the vehicle. If we believe it’s been abandoned it will usually be removed within 7 days. We can remove any vehicle abandoned on land in the open air, including private land unless the Land Owner objects. (Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978).

If a vehicle is on the highway and is in a dangerous condition or causing a hazard, we will remove it within 24 hours of inspecting the vehicle.

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