Report noisy neighbours

We only investigate complaints where residents of Rossendale are affected, not business addresses.

We investigate noise problems such as:

  • Persistant loud music
  • Barking dogs
  • Sounding alarms

When noise from a neighbour becomes a nuisance, we suggest you approach the neighbour first to speak with them about it. This usually resolves the problem quickly and is a better long term solution.

  • Tell the person concerned that noise coming from their property is causing a problem as they may be unaware of this
  • Please ensure you are calm, fair and open when discussing problems and ask for co-operation.

Should the situation not improve after speaking with your neighbour or if you do not feel confident about approaching them directly you can contact us to see if it's something we can investigate.

If you want to complain about traffic noise, roadwork noise, noisy manhole covers or bumps in the road or similar please contact Lancashire County Council Highways

If you want to complain about new road traffic noise please contact Highways England 0300 123 5000

Examples of things that have been found not to be a noise nuisance:

  • A person carrying out domestic DIY work during the day and at weekends over a few weeks
  • Noise from children playing on a trampoline or in the garden
  • A party that happened once a year
  • Footsteps from a neighbouring flat that could be heard due to poor sound insulation

Report a neighbour noise nuisance

When you make a noise complaint we will:

  • contact your neighbour to warn them that a complaint has been made
  • ask you to keep a diary so we can see when, how long, how often the noise occurs and how it affects your life at home
  • try to gather evidence (such as ear-witness accounts and recordings) to pursue legal action if the neighbour continues to cause noise problems
  • serve fines if someone is found guilty of failing to comply with a Noise Abatement Notice, and possibly seize sound equipment if the problem continues

Your identity

If we need to pursue legal action to resolve your noise complaint, and you're happy for us to do so, your identity may be revealed to your neighbour during legal proceedings. For example, your neighbour will have a legal right to know who made a complaint against them if they decide to appeal a Noise Abatement Notice in court. You could also be required to give evidence if the case goes to court.

Please note we do not investigate anonymous complaints because they could be malicious

For noise advice please email or phone 01706 217777 option 4

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