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Report a missed bin

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Bin collections can take place any time between 6:45am and 4:30pm. Many things can affect the actual time of your collection - the vehicle may have gone to unload, broken down or changed its route. Weather conditions could also delay your collection.

Please wait until after 4.30pm on your collection day before reporting a missed bin. All missed collections need to be reported within 48 hours of your collection day.

Why hasn't my bin been collected?

There could be a number of reasons why your bin wasn't collected, including:

  • the bin or bag was not out from 6.45am
  • the bin/bag was not out on the correct day
  • recycling bin/bags contain incorrect items
  • Bin not left in the right place
  • Having side or excess waste
  • We haven't got to it yet
  • We have missed your bin

Please note that we investigate all missed collections thoroughlly before reorganising a new collection.

Please continue if you wish to report a missed bin.