Christmas Tree Collection Service

Collection of the real christmas trees will take place from week commencing 13th - 31st January 2020.

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Statement of Community Involvement

The Council undertook a consultation on an update to the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) in order to take into account changes in planning legislation and guidance. The 6-week period consultation lasted from Thursday 23rd August to Friday 5th October 2018.

During the Council meeting held on 27 February 2019, Councillors noted the responses received during the consultation and approved the 2019 Statement of Community Involvement.

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The  changes to the SCI relate to the introduction of the system of prior notification, prior approval and permission in principle. A further change relates to the new General Data Protection Regulations which has implications for how the Council can store personal data. The 2019 SCI also refers to Neighbourhood Plans and the consultation involved.