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Commencement of works and inspections

It is the duty of the applicant or the contractor to notify the council when the work is due to start so that the first inspection can be arranged. From this point, the officer assigned to your project can advise you when the next inspection is required. These may include foundations, damp proof courses, drains, materials under floors, and more. Other visits are made to check on fire protection, thermal and sound insulation, access for disabled, and stairways, etc.

A final inspection of work is carried out upon completion. Our Building Control surveyor must be notified so any problems can be rectified before the contractor leaves the site.

Following the final inspection, a Completion Certificate will be issued free of charge. This is a valuable document that may be required when you sell your property.

Book an inspection

To book an inspection, you can use our online booking form.

Alternatively, you can contact the office via email to

For all inspection requests received by 4:30pm on any working day, the service will use all reasonable endeavours to undertake an inspection on the next working day.