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Street naming and numbering

Who is responsible for street naming and numbering?

We are the authority for street naming and numbering throughout Rossendale. Under sections 17-19 of the Public Health Act 1925 we provide organisations, the public, and postal and emergency services an efficient way of locating properties.

How do I give my house or development names and numbers?

If you are a developer or property owner, you can apply to us for registration of street names and house names and/or numbers. Street names will be selected from a list and we accept name suggestions for individual property names. Suggested names will be checked for similarities in the surrounding area and if the name is satisfactory we will register the new address. The new address information will be sent to Royal Mail, emergency and essential services and other relevant council services.

How do I apply for a new address?

Before we can look at giving properties names and numbers we require an application form and a fee.

Applications are required for new names and numbers, and renumbering or renaming. Click for our schedule of fees.

Changes to addresses

It is vital to inform us of any change of address details to a residential or commercial property so that other organisations can be informed. Failure to do so may have an impact on emergency service responses, connecting to utilities companies, obtaining credit and receiving mail.

Royal Mail

Postcodes are assigned by Royal Mail once we notify them of your request to create or change a street name.

Queries about postcodes can be dealt with by Royal Mail by contacting them on their postcode enquiry line 0906 302 1222 or visiting their website:

If you have delivery problems telephone Royal Mail's Customer Service Centre - 0845 7740 740 or write to: Royal Mail, Customer Services, Freepost, RM1 1AA

Damaged or missing nameplates

Damaged or missing street nameplates should be reported to us via our online form, or at