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Rossendale Local Plan 2019 to 2036

Consultation on Gypsy and Traveller Transit Site (Ended 25/02/2020)

Consultation responses

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What was consulted on?

Rossendale Borough Council submitted its Local Plan to the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government for independent examination. One of the actions requested by the Inspectors, after the discussion on Matter 4 (Other Housing Needs), was for the Council to consider its position in relation to the provision of Gypsy and Traveller transit site and provide information to the Inspectors as soon as possible. This was in light of the need to replace the previously identified transit site at Futures Park, Bacup as this is no longer available.

The consultation documents can be seen here:

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For more information about this consultation, please contact the Forward Planning team via email at or by phone on 01706 217777.