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Housing Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test has been developed by the Government as a monitoring tool to show whether local planning authorities are building enough homes to meet their housing need. The first set of results was published in February 2019 and subsequent results are published annually. Rossendale Borough Council delivered 77% of the homes required in the first Housing Delivery Test results and therefore a Housing Action Plan has been prepared to identify actions to boost housing delivery and to provide an analysis of some potential reasons for not fully meeting the Borough's identified housing requirement. The most recent Housing Action Plan can be viewed here. Previous versions of The Housing Action Plan can be viewed here.


Annual Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

This document provides comprehensive information regarding the implementation of the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and performance monitoring information on the now superseded Rossendale Core Strategy. It was also used to inform the adopted Rossendale Local Plan 2019 to 2036.

This monitoring framework will ensure that planning policy and the potential impact on the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Rossendale will be continually assessed. The AMR considers the national Core Output Indicators and reports on the targets set in the adopted Rossendale Local Plan 2019 to 2036.

The AMRs are available to view here.


Five Year Housing Land Supply

The 5 Year Housing Land Supply document discusses the deliverable housing supply in Rossendale for a five year period. The most recent 5 Year Housing Land Supply report can be found here. Previous reports are available here.


Housing Delivery Test and Five Year Housing Land Supply Note (March 2022)

This Note sets out the Council’s position in relation to the last Housing Delivery Test results that were published by DLUHC on 14th January 2022 and the Council’s 5 Year Housing Land Supply Position at 1st April 2021. The Note can be found here.