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Extra help with your housing costs

Who can get extra help

To get a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) you must be:

  • receiving Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (including the housing element)
  • reside in Rossendale
  • be able to demonstrate financial need

In certain circumstances we may be able to pay a DHP to cover a rent deposit or rent in advance. To be eligible for this you need to contact the Councils Housing Options Team.

In addition, the property must be affordable and any deposit amount must be reasonable.

A DHP may be paid if:

  • someone in the household has needs associated with disability or ill health
  • the accommodation has been adapted because of disability
  • someone in the household has a relevant medical need
  • it is not possible or practical for someone to look for alternative accommodation

This is not an exhaustive list and does not cover all the circumstances in which a DHP may be paid.

A DHP will not be paid for the following:

  • water, meals, fuel or other ineligible charges included in your rent
  • shortfall in housing benefit due to an overpayment being recovered
  • rent that is clearly excessive
  • increase in rent due to outstanding rent arrears
  • shortfall caused by certain sanctions and reductions in benefit