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Housing Benefit overpayments

If we have paid you more housing benefit than you are entitled to you will normally have to repay it.

We will let you know by way of an overpayment letter:

  • What your correct benefit entitlement is for the period of the overpayment
  • Why you were overpaid
  • How much the overpayment is

Paying the overpaid amount back

The options available to us for recovery of overpaid Housing Benefit include:

  • reducing your weekly housing benefit until the overpayment has been cleared. It is your responsibility to make up the shortfall in your rent if your benefit is reduced.
  • making an instalment plan with you if you are no longer receiving housing benefit.

You can request a payment arrangement by completing our online form.

Request a payment arrangement

If you already have an arrangement you can request an amendment to it.

Request an amendment to your arrangement.

If you make an arrangement and do not make payments we can take the following action:

  • we can ask the DWP to take money from other benefits to collect the overpayment
  • if you’ve moved away from Rossendale we can ask your new council to take the money from any housing benefit they are paying to you
  • if you’re working we can apply to have deductions from your wages
  • we can use a debt collection agency
  • we can take County Court action

If you don’t agree with the overpayment

If you disagree with the overpayment after reading your overpayment letter you can appeal against the decision. You must do this in writing within one month from the date of the letter.