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Taxi news and information

Taxi News and Information

Licence of cheating Private Hire Driver revoked!

Published 4th November 2019

A private hire driver has had his licence reviewed by the Licensing sub-committee.  All new and renewal drivers are required to sit the Rossendale Knowledge Test comprising of area knowledge, basic skills and taxi policy.  The sub-committee were told of the circumstances that led to test invigilators suspecting the driver of attempting to cheat the test by taking photographs of the questions and by using cheat sheets.  After listening to the Officer’s report and response from the driver, the sub-committee decided to revoke the driver’s private hire licence.  The sub-committee could not be satisfied that the driver was suitable to hold such a licence.

The aim of local authority licensing of the taxi and private hire trades is to protect the public and the sub-committee will take a serious view on drivers attempting to cheat any tests.