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Maintaining the safety of everyone in the district is our top priority and we're working with our partner organisations to closely monitor developments.

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Taxi news and information

Taxi News and Information


Covid-19 Update

Due to the coronavirus restrictions currently in place, all new and renewal hackney carriage and private hire licensing applications should be submitted electronically to [email protected] Applications and supporting documentation should be scanned in PDF format where possible. If this is not possible, good quality pictures of the documentation should be submitted as attachments and not screen shots and each page should be photographed separately in good light. If you need to submit the application over more than one email, please indicate in the subject line that it is message 1 X (where X is the number of email message you intend to send). Please ensure that you provide up to date contact details as we will contact you to take payment for the application.

Plates and Badges

At this present time, we are unable to produce physical badges and plates and although your application will be processed and issued where appropriate, we can only send out electronic copies of licences. These items will be printed once the restrictions have been lifted and we will contact you to arrange collection of these.


Important changes from the 16th March 2020


6-Monthly Licence Plates

From 16th March 2020, licence plates will be issued for a period of 6 months instead of 12 months. This will mean that every 6 months you will need to submit a vehicle licence application together with a copy of your vehicle insurance and a new M.O.T and Rossendale Test certificate. The payment will be £70 for a 6-month vehicle licence.


DVLA Driver Checks

The DVLA driver checks will now be handled and maintained by Personnel Checks. Drivers will pay an upfront fee of £14.40 (Includes VAT) which covers the 3 annual driver checks. If a licence is surrendered, revoked or otherwise lapses during the life of the usual 3 years, the fee paid is non-refundable either in full or partially. This will be obtained at the same time as the DBS and results provided to us generally by the time the application is considered.