A parliamentary election is taking place on the 12th December. For full details and more information please see below.

Elections Information

More about your councillors

Leader of the council and portfolio holders (cabinet members)

The leading group appoints a cabinet made up of portfolio holders, and their job is to make most of the key decisions.  Each portfolio holder will look after specific service areas. 

To find out more about the leader of the council and portfolio holders, please use the link below.

Leader and portfolio holders

Councillor surgeries

Some councillors hold regular surgeries where residents can talk to their councillor face to face.  You can find details about surgeries on the individual councillor pages.

Councillor pages

Councillor declarations

All councillors including town councillors are required to declare their interests. Copies of both Rossendale Borough Councillor and Whitworth Town Councillor declaration forms can be viewed in this section.

View councillor declarations of interest

Councillor expenses

Councillors receive an allowance for the work they do.

View the allowances scheme

We also inform people of the amount each councillor has received on a yearly basis.

View members allowances and expenses

Making a complaint about a councillor

If you have a complaint about a Rossendale Borough Councillor or a Whitworth Town Councillor you can access the complaint form and guidance below.


Councillor standards complaint form