Budget Consultation 2019/2020

Have your say as Rossendale Borough Council outlines its budget plans for the coming year as it continues its efforts to balance the books.

Budget Consultation 2019/2020

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Freedom of information requests

Freedom of information requests can be submitted for information that the council holds, and will be answered within 20 working days. Before submitting your request please check the information which the council already provides and publishes.

Submit your FOI  Data Retention Policy

Alternatively you can email your request to foi@rossendalebc.gov.uk by including a valid email address and your name, or in writing to:

The FOI Officer, Committee and Member Services, Rossendale Borough Council, Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB.

The council already provides information which is frequently requested, please check the section on information we already provide for further details.

More information on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 can be found here:

FOI legislation

If you need to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, please use the link below:

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