Budget Consultation 2019/2020

Have your say as Rossendale Borough Council outlines its budget plans for the coming year as it continues its efforts to balance the books.

Budget Consultation 2019/2020

Report fly-tipping

We are responsible for the removal of fly-tipping on public land and to enforce action against the offender.

If you witness fly-tipping, make a note of the registration number and a description of the person. We will carry out an investigation and take appropriate action. Offenders cannot be found in all cases and it is often difficult to trace the person responsible for fly-tipping.

We will investigate fly-tipping on private land and take action if possible. It’s the land owner’s responsibility to remove fly-tipped waste. However, if we are able to successfully prosecute an offender we will seek to recover the landowner’s costs of removal. We may take enforcement action against the land owner if they make no effort to prevent or remove fly-tipping.

You can contact us using the online form to report fly-tipping. Try to give as much information as possible about the location of the waste and the type of waste.

Report fly-tipping online