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The Government announced in the Spring statement that they would be extending the Household Support Fund for 2022/23.

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Cosy homes in Lancashire

Green Homes Grants Local Authority Delivery Scheme

Green Homes Grants

The Government’s ‘Green Homes Grant’ is now available to Rossendale Borough Council residents.

The grant is worth up to £10,000 per property and eligible measures are free for owner-occupiers. Landlords can apply but a contribution will be expected in every case.

This means that you could get your home winter-ready and the ‘Cosy Homes in Lancashire’ initiative will pick up the bill to help you get warmer, and stay warmer in future for less money. 

Greener Homes. Warmer Homes.

What is a Green Homes Grant?

In July 2020 the Government announced a £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme, £500 million of which was allocated to Local Authorities to improve the energy efficiency of homes of low-income households by installing insulation measures and renewable heating technologies.

Funding has been secured by Blackpool Council on behalf of all 15 Lancashire Authorities with the aim of reducing fuel poverty across the County.

Therefore Rossendale Borough Council is now able to offer eligible residents access to the Green Home Grant, via its ‘Cosy Homes in Lancashire  (CHiL)’ initiative.

What is the Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHiL) initiative?

Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHiL) is an Affordable Warmth Scheme initiative which was established by the 15 Local Authorities in Lancashire.

CHiL has a centralised Admin hub and acts and operates the scheme on behalf of all Lancashire Local Authorities. Rhea Projects Ltd has been procured to manage the delivery of the ‘CHiL’ initiative.

More information can be found at

How much is the grant?

If you are a homeowner you may be entitled to receive up to £10,000 towards eligible measures to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Landlords are eligible to apply but will be expected to pay a contribution.

Rossendale Borough Council, as part of CHiL, we want to help you make your home greener and therefore better for the environment but most importantly, warmer.

The energy efficiency measures will also make it cheaper to heat your home in future too.

What improvements can you get with the grant?

If you and your property are eligible, the following energy efficient measures may be covered by the grant-

  • Insulation (solid wall insulation, loft/cavity, room in roof and underfloor)
  • Renewable heating technologies
  • nergy efficient external doors and window upgrades (single glazed to double glazed)


Might you be eligible for the grant?

You may be eligible if -

  • your property has a low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of band D, E, F or G. 
  • you own the home (including shared ownership and park homes on residential sites)
  • you are in receipt of any benefits
  • you are a residential Landlord
  • the occupants of the home have a combined gross annual household income of less than £30,000 per year and have savings under £16,000

The quickest and easiest way to check your eligibility and to apply is via the website

What happens if you live in rented accommodation?

The grant is also available to landlords in order to help them upgrade the property you are living in, thereby making the property greener and warmer. Ultimately it will increase the value of the property.

We are encouraging all our residents who are struggling to heat their home in winter, to speak to their Landlord today and tell them about the grant.

How do you find the energy efficiency rating for your home?

There’s a handy website tool on which will help you find out the EPC rating for your property. If your property has never had an EPC survey then we can do this through the scheme.

Quality of Work

All work undertaken will be in accordance with current Government Retrofit standards (PAS 2035.2019) and will be carried out by Trustmark-registered installers for your peace of mind.

When does the scheme end?

The scheme launches on 22nd March 2021 and runs until December 2021.

You must ACT FAST to find out if you’re eligible or you may miss out.

How do you apply?

You can apply online at or call our local rate number (03306 061 488 ) so we can establish your eligibility and explain the process to you.

Surveys will be carried out at no cost to you and by one of our Council-approved energy and heating specialists.

Following the survey, recommendations will be made to you about the most suitable energy efficiency improvements for your home to improve the thermal comfort and save you money on future energy bills.

Contact CHil today on 03306 061 488 or visit the website

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