Budget Consultation 2019/2020

Have your say as Rossendale Borough Council outlines its budget plans for the coming year as it continues its efforts to balance the books.

Budget Consultation 2019/2020


We are committed to engaging in effective community consultation, listening to the views and opinions of our residents and making sure we use these to help shape our policies, plans and decisions.

We currently have the following consultations:

Rossendale Borough Council would like your opinion on its Draft Prevention of Homelessness Strategy 2018-2021.  All comments are welcome, from partners, elected officials, members of the public, or anyone with an interest in preventing homelessness in the borough.

The closing date for comments is 12pm midday on 12th October 2018.  The Council with have regard to all comments on when formulating its final draft.

Please send all feedback to  : housingoptions@rossendalebc.gov.uk

Please see below for details on how to join Rossendale’s Citizen Panel.

We consult directly with the public on a variety of topics and in a range of different ways. One way of having your say regularly on a whole range of different issues is by joining Rossendale’s Citizen's Panel. The Panel is an active email database of people within the community we can contact to consult with, via surveys, on key issues throughout the year. The Citizen’s Panel provides members of the community with the opportunity to voice their views on issues locally.

To join the panel please complete the Registration Form