Consultation on Public Space Protection Orders

Have your say on the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s) in relation to dog control.

Consultation in relation to PSPO's


Rawtenstall flood forum

Rawtenstall Flood Forum is a group of like minded people who, with the support of the National Flood Forum, have set up their own flood forum aimed at addressing and resolving issues local residents have with flooding in their community.

Rawtenstall residents and businesses have a forum to come together to share information, advice and experiences should they be hit by flooding, or at risk of flooding.


The forum meets at 6:30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at The Weavers Cottage, Bacup Road. Anyone who's been flooded or is worried about flood risks is welcome to attend.

The forum meets the key agencies invovled in flood management including; Rossendale Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, The Environment Agency and United Utilities.

The forum also has links to the National Flood Forum and other Rossendale organisations such as; Greenvale Homes, The Civic Trust and Civic Pride.

This gives the forum a unique opportunity to inform and influence key decision makers, as well as pointers on difficult topics such as insurance.

Aim of the Forum

The forum meetings are aimed at higlighting as many local flood issues as possible. Armed with this information they are able to get all the appropriate authorities together under one roof to put their concerns forward. This has resulted in an Action Plan for the group which they continually monitor.

The forum wants to ensure that local residents have a voice and that they will be listened to.


If you woud like adivce or want to find our more about the forum please visit their website. or email

Leaflets on the fourm can be obtained from the Council's offices at Futures Park, Bacup.