Report pollution

Light pollution

You can report light pollution if the source is unusually bright (for example, it prevents you from sleeping). We can't take action if normal levels of artificial light shine into your property.

We advise you to speak with your neighbour first about your issue. This usually leads to a solution being reached more quickly and will help to maintain positive relations with your neighbour. You can suggest to your neighbour that they:

  • move or partially shade the light
  • fit an infra red sensor
  • use a lower wattage bulb as they are much cheaper and more energy efficient

If your neighbour is unwilling to make any changes after you speak to them, please report it to us by emailing or 01706 217777 option 5

Bright light from any of the following sources is protected from being classed as a nuisance so we don't get involved with:

  • railways
  • bus stations
  • public service vehicle operating centres
  • goods vehicle operating centres

If you experience light pollution from one of the above sources you may still be able to make a case in civil law and you should seek independant legal advice