Eating out? Getting food in?

Food hygiene scores

If you're eating out or getting food in find out in advance if a restaurant, takeaway or food shop you want to visit has good food hygiene standards. Please search on the Food Standards Agency Website.

Food hygiene ratings are public and can be viewed online here Search food hygiene rating scores

All food businesses in Rossendale are visited by officers to review and rate their hygiene standards. After each inspection the food business will receive one of the following ratings:

  • 5 (very good)
  • 4 (good)
  • 3 (generally satisfactory)
  • 2 (improvement necessary)
  • 1 (major improvement necessary)
  • 0 (urgent improvement necessary)

Challeging your rating

If you believe your food hygiene rating is unfair, you can:

  • appeal your rating
  • request a revisit
  • use your ‘right to reply’ to have your own response to the rating appear alongside it

Further details for food businesses on how to challenge a food hygiene rating are set out in the attachments below.

  • Food hygiene rating scheme appeal form
  • Food hygiene rating scheme request a revisit form
  • Food hygiene rating scheme right to reply form