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Common types of tree work

Formative Pruning

This is carried out early in a tree's life. It creates good crown structure and reduces major structural weaknesses in the future. Unwanted secondary leading shoots, potentially weak forks and crossed branches should be removed at this early stage.

Crown Lifting

This involves the removal of the lower branches of the tree's crown to provide height above ground level. This is achieved by either removing parts or entire branches which extend below the desired height of the crown lift.

Crown Thinning

This gives an even density of the foliage in the crown. This process can stimulate the growth of new shoots and a dense crown will frequently redevelop after work of this type. This involves the removal of branches throughout the crown that are:

  • Secondary
  • Small
  • Crossing
  • Weak
  • Duplicated
  • Dead
  • Damaged branches 

(Up to 15% of the original foliage).