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Maintaining the safety of everyone in the district is our top priority and we're working with our partner organisations to closely monitor developments.

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Community Partnerships

Community Partnership Grants

Community Partnerships can give grants of up to £500 to local organisations that can provide added value to the residents of the Borough.

Grants will be given to local constituted community, voluntary and not for profit groups that are able to demonstrate their ability to add value to those services which are needed by the communities of Rossendale, and who provide services which fulfil an important social, economic or cultural role which is not fulfilled by other statutory or not for profit organisations in the area. 

Grants will only be given for projects or activities that have wider community benefit.

Grants may be given to organisations which are operating in a wider area than Rossendale as long as there is a specific benefit to the people of Rossendale.

Community Partnerships Application Form