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Information on graves

Pre-purchasing a grave

You can pre-purchase a grave by contacting us; we will be pleased to assist you with any queries. Payment for the grave should be made at this time and grave deeds will then be issued as proof of ownership.

We operate a lawn-type grave system within the four cemeteries. The height, width and depth of each memorial are restricted. We allow a small square, up to 45cm (18") deep to plant small plants.  Kerb stones can be authorised dependant on obtaining a permit for which there is a charge. Decisions on whether to authorise kerbs depend on whether operatives can access all graves needed for digging purposes. The maximum dimensions for kerbs are 6ft x 3ft. Please ask for a copy of the full rules and regulations.

The cemeteries can provide graves for Roman Catholic, Church of England, Non-Conformist, (i.e. Baptist and Methodist), Muslim and cremated remains. Each grave can accommodate up to three coffins plus caskets of cremated remains, depending upon the area and denomination of land that is required for the grave.

The grave spaces are leased over a 100 year period. During that time; the grassed areas will be maintained by our grounds maintenance team. After the initial 100 year lease period has expired, the grave owner may be offered a further lease period for an appropriate fee.

When purchasing a grave it is important to remember that what you are actually purchasing is the Exclusive Right of Burial.  This means that we are granting you the right to decide who will be buried in a particular grave. It does not transfer ownership of the land itself, this remains with us.  A grave deed will be issued to you and this should be kept safe as it is a legal document.  It will form part of your estate when you die so it can be passed on like anything else.  You must produce your deed each time the grave is opened.

The exclusive rights of burial may be transferred to someone else providing the grave owner completes the appropriate paperwork, which may be obtained from the cemetery office.