Information on graves

Memorials on graves

What can I put on the grave of my loved one?

You can place flowers, small ornaments, plaques, mementos, cards, presents and teddies within an area extending 45cm (18”) in front of the headstone.  This area can also be used for small plants up to 2 feet tall and additional vases (not glass) for your flowers. We understand that it is really important for people to be able to express their feelings in this way.

Will you stop memorials being put on graves?

The Grant of Right of Burial allows for the placing of a memorial stone and the cemetery rules allow for other items within the area mentioned above. Unfortunately we cannot allow fencing, railings, kerbs and chippings around a grave.

It is difficult to meet the full needs and wants of everybody, but it is really important to try and strike the right balance.  Some people may want lots of memorials around a grave, but others may want none.  We respect the fact that everyone's taste is very different.

What would you like us to do? 

We ask people not to put their memorials outside the 18" boundary.  This will apply to new graves to be purchased and existing graves, but only after they have been reopened for further burial.

Kerb stones and lots of memorials can make it especially difficult for people with disabilities and also affect our ability to access graves which require opening.  We need room to operate equipment, lower coffins and also to store excavated soil.  If visitors or staff is unable to get to the grave they want to because of someone else's memorials, we would ask that these be moved. 

We offer memorial trees, benches, and plaques both within in and outside the cemeteries.

If you would like further information, please contact us.