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Land Charges

Types of searches available

There are various different types of searches as follows:

Search of Local Land Charge Register only (LLC1) - an Official Certificate of Search is submitted by the applicant and completed by officers and will include any entries relating to the items shown above. A fee of £20.00 is payable for this search - form LLC1 (Local Land Charge Register only).

Standard Search - comprising of 2 forms, an LLC1 form and Con29 Part I. A fee of £92.00 is payable for this type of search. This is a search of the Local Land Charges Register accompanied by a document "CON 29R Part I Standard Enquiries of the Local Authority (2007)".

The Local Land Charges officers send out requests for information to other departments and collate that information when it is returned. The end result is the completed search, which is returned to the applicant.

Non Standard Search - comprising of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1) form, Con29 forms Part I and Part II and any additional enquiries. The fee is calculated depending on the number of Part II enquiries and/or additional enquiries. There are various Part II questions and the fee is £12.00 for each numbered question, but question 22 is £24.00. Additional enquiries are those asked by the enquirer/conveyancer, which are not prescribed, on any form and they cost £17.50 per question.

Inspection of the Register - Members of the public or their representatives can carry out a search of the Local Land Charges Register in person.

Please contact the Local Land Charges Office - [email protected] to make an appointment. Inspections can be carried out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Please book an appointment in advance, providing details of the address, together with a plan.