Our Council

Our Priorities

We have a vision ‘To have a thriving economy, built around our changing town centres, creating a quality environment for all and improving the life chances of all those living and working in our borough’

To help us achieve this vision we have identified four key priorities in the Corporate Plan - Our Place Our Plan

Thriving Local Economy

The council is keen to support businesses in order to help them make an effective recovery form the impact of Covid-19

High Quality Environment

We will lead by example with local businesses to promote carbon reduction actions

Healthy and Proud Communities

We want to support communities to be vibrant, sustainable and for people to be proud of where they live

Effective and Efficient Council

Our customers will receive a responsive service from us

Our Values and Expected Behaviours


Minimum Expected Behaviour

Aspirational Behaviour Expectations


  • You take responsibility to deliver good service to residents within the remit of your role
  • You have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • You go out of your way on complex problems that go beyond the remit of your job role


  • You have a positive outlook
  • You seek ways to improve service you deliver
  • You are honest with the public about what can be achieved
  • You are visibly enthusiastic
  • You have improved the service you deliver
  • You go the extra mile to deliver an excellent service


  • You understand the needs of the customer
  • You work with colleagues in other services
  • You respond in a timely way to customer enquiries
  • You exceed the expectations of the customer
  • You communicate well with colleagues and are well informed
  • You respond same day to customer enquiries