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About Fraud

The Council is committed to protecting public money from fraud and abuse, we take all allegations of fraud seriously.

Fraud is a crime and the Council needs your help to find the people who are cheating the system. Fraud costs taxpayers millions of pounds every year.

All allegations of benefit fraud are investigated. Offenders could be given a civil penalty, administrative penalty or be prosecuted, they will also have to repay overpayments.


To Help Prevent and Detect Fraud we also

Work jointly with investigators and other enforcement officers for example the Department for Work and Pensions, sharing knowledge, skills and powers to support joint investigations and prosecutions.

Share information with other agencies, such as the Cabinet Office and HM Revenue and Customs.

Review all suspicious claims.


Council Tax Support Fraud

Examples of Council Tax Support fraud include -

Those claiming as a single person, when actually they have a partner living with them.

Those claiming to reside at an address, when they don't actually live there.

Those who are working but do not tell us.

Those who do not declare their full amount of income, savings or capital.


Council Tax Fraud

Types of Council Tax fraud include:

Claiming a 25% single person discount, when other adults live in the property.

Claiming the property is occupied, when it's empty.

Claiming a student exemption, when other adults who are not students are living at the property.


Business Rates Fraud

Types of Business Rates fraud include:

Providing false information to receive relief.

Providing a false lease for business rates purposes.


Reporting Fraud

If you think someone is committing fraud, please report it.

All reports made, are treated with confidence.

Please provide as much information about the allegation and people involved as possible, for example, the names of other parties involved, a description of all those involved, where they work, details of any vehicles driven, the times they leave for work, why you believe they are committing fraud etc.

Report Fraud Online

Alternatively, you can report fraud anonymously by ringing the Council’s fraud hotline on 01706 252582 or in writing to the Fraud Investigation Team, at Futures Park, Newchurch Road, Bacup, OL13 0BB.


Housing Benefit Fraud

Housing Benefit fraud is investigated by the Department for Work and Pensions.

You can telephone the National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440 to report allegations or complete a referral on their website.

Report Housing Benefit Fraud 


The latest sanction and prosecution policy can be found below.

Sanction and Prosecution Policy