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Emerging Local Plan

Local Plan Examination Archived Latest News

26 June - the Council's response to the Inspectors' Initial Question 11 has been added to the Examination library as item EL1.002g.

24 June - the Council have provided responses to the Inspectors' Initial Question 10 - library items EL1.002e(i) - (x). A response to Question 14 has also been provided - item EL1.002f.

18 June - the Council's latest response to the Inspectors' Initial Questions has been added to the Examination library as items EL1.002d(i) and EL1.002d(ii). The large files relate to Proposed Green Belt and Urban Boundary changes - should it prove difficult to download please contact the Programme Officer for alternative access.

13 June - the Council have produced Submission Policies Map for each settlement as a response to the Pre-Hearing Note 1, question 6. The maps are published as items EL1.002c(i) - (xxv) with the Submission Policies Map Key published as item EL1.002c(xxvi).

31 May - in response to the Inspector's Pre-hearing Note 1 the Council's initital response has been added to the Examination library as items EL1.002b(i)-(vi); further responses will follow and will be added to the library in due course. The Inspectors and the Council have now agreed a potential hearings start date of week commencing 23 September - further details will be advised in due course.

30 May - the Council have produced an updated interactive map displaying the Local Plan Policies. Further details and a suitable link are provided via examination library document EL1.005

21 May - the Inspectors recent Pre-Hearing Note 1, question 5 requested the Council "to include documentation relating to the area and the designation of the Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum in the examination library". Library items EL1.004a-b have now been added by way of response.

17 May - the Programme Officer has written to representors with an update on Examination progress - see library item EL1.003

16 May - some initial questions from the Inspectors have been forwarded to the Council - see examination library item EL1.002a. These require a response from the Council only and their comments will be added to the library in due course.

16 May - minor textual changes are now included in the Evidence Base documents EB025 - Landscape Study 2015 - in respect of Land south of Loveclough Sports Pitch and Land north of Hud Hey (proposed employment allocation NE2). These changes are illustrated in new Examination Library items EL1.001a-c and further explained in the Council's covering email EL1.001d.