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Emerging Local Plan

Local Plan Examination

The Council submitted the Rossendale Local Plan 2019-2034 to the Planning Inspectorate on Monday 25 March 2019.

This page should be viewed alongside the Submission Documents webpage from which the original submission library may be accessed. The submission library also contains a full set of representations submitted at the Local Plan Publication stage.

Further library items will be added to this Examination page as the Examination progresses and representors and other interested parties are encouraged to view it on a regular basis for new items and latest developments.


Latest News

17 July - Items in respect of site H72 Edenfield have been added to the webpage library as EL6.013a-d.

6 July - An exchange of letters with Jake Berry MP has been added to the Examination Library 6 - items EL6.012a and EL6.012b relate.

18 June - Following the Latest News entry of 8 June, a new EL8 library section is now available and includes a range of documents completed by the Council in respect of the actions (see EL6.001) required following the close of hearings last year. Further items will be uploaded shortly as will also a summary document detailing progress to date. 

15 June - Recent new documents provided by the Council at the Inspector's request regarding the forthcoming Gypsy & Traveller hearing have now been added to the webpage - entries EL6.011a-d relate.

10 June - In respect of the forthcoming teleconference hearing session scheduled for 17 June regarding the Gypsies & Travellers Transit Site, the Programme Officer has now circulated participants with the agenda which may be viewed here. Library documents EL6.10a-c relate. The Programme Officer is also mailing other interested parties (Reg 19 representations and recent consultation contributors) who may simply wish to listen to the discussion as it progresses on the day. Anyone wishing to take up this option should contact the Programme Officer no later than noon on 16 June. 

8 June - Following the close of hearings in autumn 2019 the Inspectors sought some further work from the Council which was summarised in an 'Action List' library document EL6.001. The original timescale for the completion of this work was mid-May but some work is still ongoing, in part at least delayed due to the current pandemic and associated travel restrictions, and present expectations are now for completion around the end of July. A new library section EL8 will shortly be available giving access to documents provided to the Inspectors so far and further additions will be made as and when they are produced. The Inspectors are not inviting comments on these documents at this stage but will be directing the Council to consult on several of the documents in due course. Further details will be added to the webpage as they become available. 

Previous Latest News entries may be found on the Local Plan Examination Archived Latest News webpage.


The Inspectors

Two inspectors have been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the Plan and subsequently issue a report with their conclusions: Luke Fleming BSc (Hons) MRTPI and Katie Child BSc (Hons) MA MRTPI.


The Programme Officer

All correspondence to or from the Inspector will be via an independent Programme Officer and Tony Blackburn will fulfill this role. Items should be sent to him, preferably by email, to

[email protected]   or alternatively by post to him at the following address: 15 Ottawa Close. Blackburn, BB2 7EB

Additionally he may be contacted by telephone on 01254 260286.


The hearings

The Inspectors  held a series of hearings as part of the Examination process and these concluded on 10 October 2019. The general content of these may be found in the daily agendas below.  


Hearings agendas

Day 1 agenda

Day 2 agenda

Day 3 agenda

Day 4 agenda

Day 5 agenda

Day 6 agenda

Day 7 agenda

Day 8 agenda

Day 9 agenda


Further Examination library items

EL1 - Items added prior to start of hearings

EL2 - Responses to the Inspectors' Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs)

EL3 - The Council's MIQ responses

EL4 - Items added after the start of the hearings

EL5 - Responses to Inspectors' invitations to comment re selected hearing topics:

EL6 - Further documents following the close of hearings

EL7 - Responses to the Inspector's G&Ts pre-hearing questions

EL8 - Items arising from Action List document EL6.001