Premises Licence

Designated Premises Supervisor and Change

A designated premises supervisor (DPS) is the person who has day-to-day responsibility for the running of the business.

All businesses and organisations selling or supplying alcohol, except members clubs and certain community premises must have a designated premises supervisor.

The person chosen to be designated premises supervisor (DPS) will act as primary contact for local government and the police. They must understand the social issues and potential problems associated with the sale of alcohol, and also have a good understanding of the business itself.

To be the DPS of a premises, you must hold a personal licence.

Change the DPS

It is possible to vary the licence to specify a new DPS and this section details the process of serving an application.

Step 1- Completing the Application

An application to vary a licence to specify a new DPS can be found here. This application must be made by the Premises Licence holder with the incoming DPS giving their consent to be specified. The application contains guidance on how to complete each section.

Part 2- Making payment of the fee

The fee payable in respect of this application is £23. This fee can be paid in the following ways:

Payment of the fee can either be by cheque, made payable to Rossendale Borough Council or by contacting the office on 01706 217777 Option 7 with a credit or debit card.

Part 3- Serving the Application

The application must be given to us as the Licensing Authority and to the Chief Officer of Police on the same day it is served upon the Licensing Authority.

Designated Premises Supervisor application form