Household Support Fund

The Government announced in the Spring statement that they would be extending the Household Support Fund for 2022/23.

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How decisions are made

Record of decisions

We publish a record of decisions to show decisions delegated to officers and/or individual cabinet members.  Please note that not all decisions have to be recorded in this way (see below for further guidance).

Some records of decisions are already open to the public, these are as follows:

Council and committee meeting decisions

Decisions made at council and committee meetings will be recorded in the minutes and can be found below (this includes urgent decisions, general exceptions and special urgency decisions reported to council meetings):

Council, cabinet, committee and sub-committee decisions

Licensing decisions  

Licensing decisions relate to whether or not a person is fit to hold that type of licence.

Public licensing registers

We also publish information about planning applications and council finance.  This information can be found at the following links:

Planning applications and decisions

Corporate spend analysis

All other decisions that need to be recorded can be found in this section

This includes delegated officer or cabinet member decisions, and decisions made using the council’s scheme of delegation.

View other decisions 

Further guidance on delegated decisions can be found can be found in the The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 and the council counstitution