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Dog Control Orders

The Clean Neighborhoods and Environment Act 2005 introduced Dog Control Orders to give us extra powers to deal with irresponsible dog ownership. The Orders aim to balance the interests of those with dogs, and the interests of those affected by the activities of dogs, such as children in playgrounds.

Please note dog control orders do not deal with dangerous dogs - they are the responsibility of Lancashire Police (101 - non-emergency number).

The Dog Control orders will shortly be replaced by Public Protection Orders, and further details will be updated in due course.
Fouling of Land by Dogs Order

This Order makes it an offence for anyone in charge of a dog to fail to pick up the dog's faeces after allowing the dog to foul on any land unless they have a reasonable excuse or the consent of the landowner.
Dogs on Leads Order

This means that a person in charge of a dog is guilty of an offence if they do not have the dog on a lead in areas specified by the Order. They include:

  • Cemeteries
  • Allotments
  • Council Car Parks
  • Formal Gardens

Dogs on Lead by direction Order

This means that one of our officers can require a person in charge of a dog to put the dog on a lead if it is thought reasonably necessary. Either to prevent a nuisance or behavior by the dog which is likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to any other person (on any land to which this Order applies) or the worrying or disturbance of any animal or bird.  Any person who fails to do so will be guilty of an offence.