Is Planning Permission Required?

  1. Permitted Development for Householders
  2. Lawful Development Certificates
  3. Pavement Licence


1. Permitted Development for Householders

Not all development requires planning permission; permitted development rights allow householders to carry out minor development to their residential property without the need to submit an application under the provision of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015. Consent may be required under the Building Regulations and we advise that you contact our Building Control team for advice.

If your property is a listed building, or is within a Conservation Area there may be further restrictions.   

To find out if you need planning permission, please use the Planning Portal website by searching through the list of common projects or using the interactive house feature below.

Use the Interactive House and View Common Projects


2. Lawful Development Certificates

If you would like written confirmation that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission, you will need to apply for a 'Lawful Development Certificate'.

To encourage the use of applications for Lawful Development Certificates, if following the submission of a Lawful Development Certificate application it is determined that the development does not constitute permitted development and a full planning application is required the Local Planning Authority offer the applicant the opportunity to apply for a full application (less the fee already paid for the certificate), providing the planning application is submitted within 20 working days of the issue of the certificate. Planning applications after this period are processed at standard fee.


3. Pavement Licence

During the COVID-19 pandemic can I put tables and chairs outside?

Will I be able to get a temporary permission to help with COVID-19 Restrictions?


As of 22 July 2020, The Business and Planning Act 2020 gained Royal Assent and has come into immediate effect. 

This Act offers an opportunity for any premises selling food and/or drink to apply to use Highway land on a temporary basis to assist with being able to socially distance customers wishing to consume the purchased food or drink.

More information on these new permissions can be seen on the below links

Government Guidance on Pavement licence new provisions

How do I apply? 

You will need to complete the below application form and submit alongside all required supporting documents by email to:

Application Form

You will need to also submit 

  • A plan showing the location and size of the outside area being requested, with the table positions indicated on the plan.   
  • Application fee
  • Photograph of the proposed furniture
  • Public Liability insurance – minimum of 5 million cover
  • Consent from adjoining premises if your proposed area crosses across any other premises/property.

 There must remain at least 1.8 metres of unobstructed space between the carriageway and the front of the pavement cafe to allow pedestrians to pass by safely.

Your application will not be complete until all documents and the fee are received.



New Planning Fees

Legislative amendments to increase planning application fees in England have now been formally “made” and will take effect on 6th December 2023

New Fees