Planning Committee

Development Control Committee

This procedure explains how our Development Control Committee works and how you can have your say on a planning application of interest.

The committee has to make decisions in the public interest and upon the merits of each application, taking into consideration the Development Plan Document and any other material planning considerations.

  1. Details of Committees
  2. Agenda Papers
  3. Your Right to Speak at the Development Control Committee
  4. What are the Relevant Issues that Councillors Can Consider


1. Details of Committees

Meetings of the Development Control Committee are usually held in the Council Chamber and usually start at 6.30pm. Details of meeting dates, times and venues can be obtained from Committee and Member Services.


2. Agenda Papers

View the Agendas, Reports and Minutes

Agendas are usually published on our website 5 working days before the meeting. Public copies of the agenda are available at the meeting. Please contact Committee and Member Services if you require information before the meeting or a copy of the agenda.


3. Your right to speak at the Development Control Committee

If you wish to speak on an application (one person can speak in favour and one person can speak against an application), please inform Committee and Member Services by no later than 12 noon on the day of the committee. To register you will need to notify Committee and Member Services of the following details:

  • - Application number of address of the application
  • - Your full name
  • - Your telephone number
  • - Whether you wish to speak FOR or AGAINST the application

It is recommended that you arrive about 10-15 minutes before the meeting. If several people are objecting to an application, we will ask them to agree amongst themselves who will speak upon their behalf. If no agreement can be reached then the first party to have ‘registered’ to speak will be chosen.


4. What are the Relevant Issues That Councillors Can Consider

Councillors are only able to take into account “material planning considerations” which are considerations that relate to the use and development of land, including those relating to the Development Plan and any Government Policy and Guidance.

Material Planning Considerations